Emergency Numbers

Emergency Management 24/7 On-call Pager: 39271

Provides on-line access to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Emergency Response Manual which includes the Emergency Operations Plan and annexes, Emergency Response Guidelines, Policies, and immediate response actions. For specific emergency events, please dial the Code Declaration Line at 617 (63)2-1212 or notify Public Safety at 617 (63)2-9111. To obtain current situational information during an event, call the Event Update Line at 617 (63)2-0009 for a recorded message.

The Code Declaration Line: 617 (63)2-1212 *


  • Code Blue/Cardiac Arrest
  • First Aid/Medical Emergency
  • Anesthesia Stat
  • Respiratory Stat
  • Trauma
  • OB/Neonate Emergency
  • Code Purple (Psychiatric Emergency)
  • Code Red (Fire, Facilities Emergency)
  • Code Orange (Hazardous Materials [Chemical or Radioactive] Emergency)

    * Be prepared to give the following information:
    • Type of code you are calling
    • Location
    • Call back number
    • Your Name

    Security Emergency: 617 (63)2-9111
    Ambulance Line: (for inter hospital transfers) 617 (75)4-2020
    Boston Fire, Police, EMS: - 911
    Page Operator: 617 (63)2-8611 (automated voice response)
    Regional Poison Control Center: 617 232-2120

    Material Safety Data Sheets/Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS)
    Click the MSDS/SDS database for information on hazardous materials at BIDMC.